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Dedicated to a HIGH Standard of Excellence.

Often Imitated, never Duplicated.

First Flavours

Chicken Georgia

A Huckleberry’s original creation and still our most requested appetizer. Lightly breaded premium chicken strips, locally sourced unpasturized clover honey, orange amaretto and a sprinkle of premium roasted cashews. $13.50

Sweet Potato Fries               $6.50

So much Flavour! So much Fun! Served with

homemade honey mustard

Smoked Pickles               $7.99

House hickory smoked pickles.  drizzled with a sriracha ranch

Dill Pickle Poutine               $8.99

Our crispy fries with dill pickle seasoning, topped with real cheese curds and our famous dill pickle soup.

Popcorn Shrimp               $12.99

Cajun dusted popcorn shrimp served with our house red sauce.

Crazy Calamari               $14.99

Our premium flash-fried calamari, served with our

house-made sauce and garnished with sweet red onion.

Grocery Pack Only Bourbon Prawns |G|F|               $15.50

Tiger prawns sautéed with prairie mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes and Huck’s famous Cajun seasonings.

This is a cook at home item.  Ready to be sauteed or BBQ\d

Roasted Rooster Wings

Premium Alberta rooster finished in Huck’s original sauces and dry rubs make these an absolute favorite of wing connoisseurs.

Your Choice of the following: Red (Hot) • Black (Honey Teriyaki) • Orange (Honey Orange Amaretto) • Dill Pickle

Huck Size … $14.75               Bar H Size … $28.99

|G|F| Gluten Free Items (when served without garlic toast & flour food items)


Chef’s Soup de Jour

All natural, made from scratch

Cup … $4.99 Bowl … $6.99

Huck’s Classic Dill Pickle Soup

Cup … $4.50. Bowl … $6.99

Soup & Salad $ 11.75

Soup & Salad $ 11.75

Your choice of House or Caesar Salad with Chef’s Soup de Jour or Huck’s Dill Pickle Soup.

Substitute salad with Wild Herb Salad add … $1.99


Experience Huckleberry’s ALL NATURAL (M.S.G. free) Homemade Dressings!

 Huck’s House Salad |G|F| $12.50

Leaf lettuce, roasted almonds and mandarin orange.

Finished with a light peach citrus dressing.

Starter Size … $6.99      

Sawyer’s Caesar Salad |G|F| $12.99

Crisp romaine hearts tossed in house-made tangy Caesar

dressing with seasoned croutons and premium parmesan.

The full size salad includes garlic toast.

Starter Size … $6.99

With charbroiled or blackened chicken breast … add $4.99

Add a hand cut filet of fresh poached or

blackened salmon … add $9.75

​ Wild Herb Salad |G|F|                   $15.99

Leaf lettuce, egg, julienne carrot, kalamata olives, sweet

red onion, cucumber and diced tomato.

Served with our tantalizing Wild Herb dressing.

Starter Size … $7.99

With charbroiled or blackened chicken breast … add $4.99

With small feta … add $1.99 With large feta … add $2.99

 Ranchers’ Club Salad |G|F|                   $16.99

Leaf lettuce, crispy chicken breast strips, camosun cheddar,

hard-cooked egg, double smoked bacon, fresh

tomato and honey mustard dressing.

Please inform your server if |G|F| is desired for

charbroiled chicken.

|G|F| Gluten Free Items

(when served without garlic toast & flour food items)

Sawyer’s Grill

The following selections include your choice of any ONE of the following:

Cup of Soup, Plantation Pan Potatoes, Citrus House Salad, Caesar Salad or Regular Fries.

*except for the Black-Jack Burger which comes with Cajun Fries which may be substituted for one of the above.

Huck’s Classic Pioneer Burger $13.99

Alberta ranch-raised ground prime beef, fire grilled and served

in a fresh baked sesame bun, garnished with lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion & pickle, with our house-made burger sauce.

With double smoked Canadian Bacon … add $1.99

With wine sautéed mushrooms … add $1.99

With premium camosun cheddar … add $1.99

Classic Corn Chicken Burger $17.99

Fresh Alberta fried chicken breast coated in season cornflakes topped with Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese & honey mustard. 

N/A Red Rooster Roast |G|F| $16.99

Fresh flame-roasted breast of young Alberta rooster served on grilled garlic toast. Available charbroiled blackened or teriyaki.

For Gluten concerns please inform your server

Chicken Tenders (full order) $14.99

Huckleberry’s Signature fresh chicken strips lightly breaded and seasoned. Served with house-made honey mustard.

Reduced portion … $10.99


Premium graded basa, seasoned & lightly breaded. Served with house-made tartar and lemon.

1 piece… $9.99

2 piece... $14.50

3 piece... $18.75

4 piece... $ 22.75

Black-Jack Burger with Cajun Fries $17.99

Alberta ranch raised ground prime beef, topped with Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese. Served with Cajun Fries.

(may substitute with soup, salad, regular fries, or pan potatoes.)

Bison Sausage Platter |G|F|          $14.50

Flame-roasted free-range Alberta bison, no fillers, hickory smoked and naturally seasoned. Served with Bunkhouse beans and choice of ONE of the following: Soup, House Salad, Caesar Salad, fries, or Pan Potatoes.

… Extra Sausage add $4.99

-With a side of our Bunkhouse Beans with sweet organic corn … add $3.50

-Substitute salad with a Wild Herb Salad … add $1.99

-Substitute fries with Sweet Potato Fries … add $1.99

“Our commitment is to offer Fresh Premium Quality Food at fair Market Value.”

-Chef Jeff Chambers

Home On The Range

At Huckleberry’s our Pasta Dishes are created with the Prairies Finest Fresh Pasta. Our sauces are created with all natural seasonings, including sea salt and cracked pepper.

Beef Bowl $13.99

Thinly sliced CAB beef with our sweet honey sauce.  Carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts & vermichelli noodles.

 Cajun Prawns on Pasta $18.99

Fresh black tiger prawns sautéed with green onion, fresh field mushrooms,

tossed in our Cajun crème sauce. Served with fettucini.

 G|F| Southern Orange Amaretto

Chicken Stir Fry $17.99

Flash seared Alberta chicken breast, sautéed with Huck’s fresh

garden vegetables, tossed in a caramelized orange amaretto sauce and garnished with a sprinkle of premium roasted cashews.

|G|F| Gluten Free Items (when served without garlic toast & flour food items)


Proud to be Partners with Alberta’s Ranchmen!


Alberta Ranch Raised AAA Beef - Slow Roasted and full of

tender flavour!

Served with tradi onal Yorkshire pudding, sautéed vegetables and choice of potato.

    6 oz. YOUNG RIDER’S CUT     $24.50

    9 oz.  BULLDOGGER’S CUT     $33.99

 13 oz.   WRANGLER’S CUT         $45.99

Our Prime Rib is slow roasted to a medium. If you prefer it cooked more please inform server.


At Huckleberry’s we serve only Alberta Ranch Raised AAA Beef, believed to be the world’s Best.

Every steak we serve is hand-cut and graded by our

Kitchen Partners.

Steak dinners include: grilled garlic toast, fresh sautéed

vegetables, and choice of potato.


13 oz. SHERIFF’S NEW YORK CUT $39.99

Huck’s Signature Cast Iron Cowboy Steak - |G|F|

The most marbled and flavourful cut of all steaks. A generous in-house, hand-cut 12 oz.

AAA Alberta Ranch Raised Ribeye Steak, charbroiled to desired doneness… $39.99

~ Steak Combos ~

-Add a side of our butter seasoned garlic prawns … $7.50

-Add a side of our wine sautéed field mushrooms… $3.50

-Add our Cajun cream sauce - sautéed crimini mushrooms and green onions simmered in a Cajun spiced cream ... $4.50

For any of the above Prime Rib or Steak items:

Add a Starter House Salad for $6.99 …

Caesar Salad for 6.99 or a Starter Wild Herb Salad for $7.99

Add Bunkhouse baked beans w sweet organic corn for $3.25 …

substitute with sweet potato fries for $1.99

Good food takes time to prepare. If you are pressed for time please inform your server.

|G|F| Gluten Free Items (when served without garlic toast & flour food items)

Market Fresh Grill

The following features include:

Complimentary Italian dinner bun • Fresh sautéed Garden Vegetables • Choice of Potato

Jesse James Corn Chicken Dinner $23.99

Fresh chicken breast lightly coated in seasoned corn flakes,

then crispy fried and topped with a honey orange amaretto sauce,

and garnished with a sprinkle of premium roasted cashews.

 Smokey Riverbank Roasted Ribs $27.99

“Fall off the Bone” baby back ribs, fire-roasted with

Huckleberry’s own locally sourced unpasteurized clover honey BBQ sauce.

Add a 6oz fresh alberta chicken breast with your choice of teriyaki, BBQ, or Cajun seasonings to make the ultimate 'chicken and ribs' combo! ... add $7.50

 -G|F| Fresh Salmon with Lemon and Dill $27.99

Premium graded fresh hand-cut salmon filet oven poached with fresh lemon and dill.

Reduced order … $19.50

Also available Blackened … add $0.99

N/A Cream Salmon 30.99

Fresh hand cut chinook salmon topped with our Cajun cream sauce, sautéed with crimini mushrooms and green onions. Served with fresh sautéed vegetables and cardamom infused jasmine rice.

Add to any of our Market Fresh Grill:

-Bunkhouse beans with sweet organic corn… add $3.50

- Starter House … add $6.99

-Caesar Salad ... add $6.99

- Starter Wild Herb Salad … add $7.75

- Substitute with Sweet Potato Fries … add $1.99

G|F| Gluten Free Items (when served without garlic toast & flour food items)

Come on in, sit back, relax and let us do the cooking for you! Visit Huckleberry’s Café at #103 – 3840 56th Street in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Give us a call at 780-352-3111 or fill out our inquiry form.